Helping your workplace to move more

The Active Workplace Toolkit has been designed for you, Greater Manchester’s employers to enable you to encourage your employees to move more during their working day. It doesn't have to be big feats of endurance, all it takes are small, simple changes to your working day to improve your employees' health and wellbeing.

Covid 19: Working from Home Update:

How we work has changed, our homes are now our new workplaces and how we keep active has changed. Latest data from Sport England has shown that during the pandemic our activity levels have dropped. We want to help enable your employees to move more during their working day and especially as the winter draws in.

Our new Working From Home section offers you tips and advice

Visit the Working from Home page HERE


Active Workplace Newsletter

The Active Workplace Newsletter will update you on all the latest news and advice for enabling your workforce to stay active. It will share good practice, initiatives and ideas that help to keep us moving during the working day.

  • Help employers to encourage their employees to include more movement as part of their working day.
  • Signposting of local events and providers who can support Active Workplaces.
  • Highlight existing good practice and demonstrate the benefits to employers and employees.
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